Sales Tax Increase Now Up to Voters & County Commission


On Tuesday night the Thompson’s Station Board of Mayor and Alderman became the fifth, and final, municipal government in the county to vote in favor of a half-percent sales increase. The increase, an idea spurred along these last two months by county Mayor Rogers Anderson as a way to raise part of the revenue needed for new schools, must pass the county commission than a popular vote.

The commission meets on Oct. 9, and if that succeeds then a county-wide vote within 75 to 90 days is required by state law.

A yes-vote would raise the total county sales tax from 9.25 to 9.75 percent. The municipal governments, in their votes, agreed to split the increase fifty-fifty with the school system for three years. The expected $60-$70 million total the tax will raise for schools will go toward rural and general school debt service. In the 2017 county budget, just shy of $63 million went to school debt service alone.

After three years, money raised by full half-percent will begin to revert back to the five municipalities that adopted the tax.

Franklin, Nolensville, Brentwood, Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station passed it; Fairvew, already at the maximum state-allowed rate of 9.75 percent, could not participate. However, it agreed to give its portion of its adequate facilities tax, collected by the county, for the next decade.