Saladworks Closes in Cool Springs

Saladworks opened on Frazier Lane in Cool Springs in late 2014, taking over Calypso Cafe. But after only two years, they have abruptly closed.

Saladworks aimed to offer a fast-casual dining approach to eating healthy, by giving patrons a customizable way to enjoy a salad. Saladworks opened in November 2014, but a sign was placed on the door this past December, explaining they were closed for good.    

“We are sorry to inform you our Saladworks location here has closed, effective December 30, 2016. To each and all of our loyal customers, we sincerely thank you for your patronage and for Creating Fresh Every Day with us for the past two years. We sincerely regret the necessity of closing Tennessee’s first Saladworks franchise store and hope that you will always look for Saladworks as you travel and visit other locations.”

“For Lease” signs by Brookside Properties have been placed over the papered windows. We reached out to Brookside for a comment on if there is a new tenant to take over the space but our calls were not returned. We were able to see inside the restaurant and it appears as it did when Saladworks occupied the space, with tables and chairs still in the space (see photo at the top of this article).

Williamson Source has contacted the Saladworks corporate office regarding the closure, but have yet to hear a reply.

Prior to Saladworks occupying the space on Frazier Lane, Calypso Cafe expanded from their Thompson Lane location to Franklin back in 2011, only to close in February of 2014. Keep checking back here for more updates as we receive them.