Rustic Weddings – Traditions and New Ideas

The Barn

You know you want your wedding to be a dream event like no other because – well, it’s been YOUR DREAM for as long as you can remember.

Maybe your dream centers on a rustic wedding at a venue like The Barn at Spring Lake Farms. You’ve envisioned lots of natural, cozy elements, but perhaps you aren’t quite ready to go all in on mason jars and hay bales.

No worries.

Although rustic weddings have been a favorite for some time, the theme has been evolving, enabling couples to retain the homey feel while adding an air of refinement.

Let’s discuss a few rustic wedding traditions we’ve seen here at The Barn at Spring Lake Farms and some ways to update the look.


Why don’t we begin with the beloved mason jars, fixtures in rustic weddings for many years. They were so popular for a while that mason jars were sometimes difficult to find and quite expensive. An easy upgrade from mason jars is taller, slimmer glass milk jars, like those used in the mid-1900s. Another option is glass apothecary jars, which can often be found in various colors to blend with your chosen palette. Use these for floral arrangements on side tables or gather a few of varying heights and styles together to form unique centerpieces.


Edison bulbs made a huge comeback when couples discovered how beautifully their warm glow highlights the other elements of a rustic wedding. Twinkle lights have been another favorite for creating a magical scene. If you want that same glow with a different twist, consider lighting your space with vintage lanterns. Mismatched lanterns strung overhead with greenery and flowers or placed along the aisle will add charm. You might also consider candles in glass jars placed around your wedding venue, keeping in mind that traditional and modern flameless candles both provide the same magical twinkle as string lights, but in a way that will more naturally blend with your rustic décor.


Burlap is another popular rustic wedding element that you may choose to elevate. Linen in natural colors is an ideal substitution that offers more possibilities. With its softer, more flexible texture, linen can be draped over arches, used as table runners, and even formed into bows or floral designs for other décor needs. Additionally, lace is a beautiful textile to consider for highlighting the sweetheart table and smaller décor pieces.


When considering floral design for your rustic wedding, there’s no reason not to go with traditional lush, fresh bouquets. However, the rustic theme opens the door to many interpretations. If you are planning a Spring or Summer wedding, you may want to choose the ever-popular rustic wedding custom of using local wildflowers and greenery. However, some rustic weddings now feature more diverse foliage, such as dried flowers for bouquets and centerpieces, as well as ferns, tall grasses, or potted plants for the aisle and other areas of the venue.


Sweet treats offer many opportunities to be creative. A cake can be decorated with sugar flowers, fresh flowers, or even greenery. Some couples choose cakes that fit the rustic theme with finishes mimicking natural objects like birch bark or cowhides. Another trend is the “naked cake,” which may have a more typically frosted top but leaves the sides of the cake with only a crumb coat of frosting, giving it a rustic, unfinished look. And if you want to go for something out-of-the-box, consider skipping the cake altogether and setting up tiers of your favorite pies. Ultimately, whether you mix-and-match some of our suggestions or dream up your own special touches, the wedding professionals at The Barn at Spring Lake Farms can help make your rustic wedding feel like one in a million.