Ronnie Wood Returns Guitar to Rolling Stones Exhibit in Nashville

Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones exhibit opened in the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville on March 29 and recently, band member Ronnie Wood returned a missing piece of the exhibit.

Wood had been using his Zematis guitar out on the road but placed it back in the exhibit last Wednesday evening. As he placed the guitar in the case, he told us it was used on the Stones most recent blues album “Blue and Lonesome,” which won a GRAMMY this year.

We spoke to Wood about being in Nashville and his Instagram post with Brad Paisley in the studio. While he didn’t share that they were working on a new project, listen below to what he did say.

Steve Wariner performed at the event and shared with us the first time he heard the Stones on the radio:

“To this day, I remember the very first time I heard ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ on the radio. I was hooked the minute I heard that classic guitar riff — man, it was so infectious. I wanted to hear it over and over! This young kid in Indiana could not get enough of it, so I gathered up Coke bottles to get money; then rode my bike up to G.C. Murphy’s store to buy the 45. My radar was perpetually up for Beatles and Stones!”

Wariner also recalled that time he almost went to a Stones concert, “Fast forward to today, and I still smile when I think of a call I received from Chet Atkins in the late 80’s asking me to see The Stones with him at Vanderbilt Stadium. I regret that didn’t happen as I was traveling at the time and couldn’t make it, but I still think about how cool that Chet got to go. The mutual respect between The Stones is so great and so nice to see.”

And Wariner says this new exhibit is a “must-see” for locals, “This Rolling Stones exhibit at the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville is phenomenal – a must-see for everyone, but especially Stones fans. It truly is rock n’ roll history! A word of advice: Allow plenty of time – you will need it to get the whole experience.”

The exhibit will be open at the Musicians Hall of Fame through June 30. Hours are: Monday – Saturday 10 a – 5 p, and Sunday 1 p – 6 p. Purchase tickets online here.