Pulling up alongside a motorist, a City of Brentwood employee had a a frank message.

“You’re not going to want to go up that hill,” he said.

That has been the advice from police agencies throughout the county Friday morning, as snow trickled down starting at 6 a.m.

Here’s a breakdown per municipality of what we know so far.


The City of Brentwood advised motorists that the roads are fairly slick and to stay home if possible.

Holly Tree Gap Road closed around 8:30 a.m. Other roads, such as Concord, Franklin and Maryland Way, have had accidents this morning. Crockett Road near Concord had several cars reportedly in the ditch.

According to the city’s Twitter feed, the fire department started answering calls to help stranded motorists.

The city also activated the Emergency Operations Center, now at level three along. Williamson County did the same.

Frankln Road at Church Street/Maryland Way at about 9 a.m. // KIP DODSON


As it stands at 9:10 a.m., it’s been a much quieter go in Franklin with only five reported accidents.

Before the 9 o’clock hour, the Franklin Police Department reported it was working two wrecks: one Interstate 65 North between Peytonsville and Highway 96. The other happened at Oak Meadow and South Royal Oaks.

Police advise motorists to stay at home and that most roads are incredibly slick. Several wrecks have also been reported right outside of the Franklin city limits in the county.


In Spring Hill, police chief Don Brite has one message: just stay at home.

While no serious accidents have occurred, he fears the conditions could get worse and continue through the afternoon.
There have been a couple accidents and a couple motorist assists, but nothing serious,” Brite said. “It’s just people sliding off the road.”
Duplex is one of most treacherous roads with its hills, so stay off it if it can be avoided.
Jeff Foster at public works said they are putting out the brine and will continue to do as much as they can.
But quite simply, the city hopes Spring Hill residents will stay inside.
Main Street in Spring Hill this morning about 10:15. //JOE ATTIGLIATO
An accident was reported early this morning blocking Hwy. 100 on a hilly stretch going southwest into Fairvew.
A number of cars slid off Sneed Road on the hill between the Grassland area and Temple Hills.
We will continue to update this page throughout the day.