The Historic Zoning Commission in Franklin approved the revised plans for the boutique hotel set for construction in downtown Franklin.

Previously, the commission had voted down the Harpeth Square plans based on the overall size, look and scale of the project, which includes a 115-room hotel, four story parking garage, more than 100 apartments and around 30,000 retail space. harpeth-square-rendering-4-27-15---Copy

The revised plans to Harpeth Square changed some things in the way of the outside design look, such as a painted and recessed fourth story, but the scale and size remain the same because the developer claims that the project would not be financially possible without the size and scale that was in the original plan.

The Harpeth Square project was approved by the Historic Zoning Commission in a 4-3 vote, with Jim Roberts being the only commissioner to change his mind about the project.

This commission is tasked with keeping the character and historic feel of Franklin within guidelines. 635657692056904128-new-harpeth-square-rendering-2The BOMA of Franklin had already unanimously voted the building plans and design through before the HZC had its review meeting. Now, after approval by the HZC, the developers can move forward with financing and construction plans.

The project will still be subject to review in some detailed areas of the project as construction progresses, but the project itself is now approved and can move forward.

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  1. Awful! This board has set in motion a development that will inflict IRREPARABLE damage to downtown Franklin- completely irresponsible and RECKLESS to approve a project of this scale for downtown Franklin. 100+ apartment units, 115 hotel rooms and 30,000 square feet of retail space?! Traffic is already unbareable- people AVOID downtown because there is nothing enjoyable about being shoulder to shoulder, shuffling one’s way from store to store. The people of 12S in Nashville were smart enough to realize a 100 unit condo/ apartment complex was OUT OF THE QUESTION and did not approve what would ultimately become a traffic and infrastructure nightmare. How many water main breaks did we have last year? Downtown’s infrastructure is the most delicate and vulnerable to development and growth- as we have seen with the increase in water main breaks and yet this board approves this development. The 4 individuals that voted in support of this project have heavily failed our community- it is apparent that what is in the best interest for today’s Franklin, TN is big money and deep pocket lining. Such a shame- this used to be a great place to live- but these days I can barely stand leaving home to go to the grocery store- the congestion is overwhelming. Those who knew Franklin over 30 years ago KNOW this little town deserves better.

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