Brentwood 2020 Survey Looks Traffic, Senior Housing & More

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The second Brentwood 2020 residential survey went for an closer look at some important subjects like senior housing, the Turner property and transportation alternatives in order for the City of Brentwood to consider the community feedback on these issues.

On the issue of senior housing:

  • 74 percent support new land use regulations to promote senior housing alternatives.
  • 85 percent support assisted living, nursing care, and memory care facilities providing varying levels of medical and daily life skills assistance for individuals.
  • 75 percent felt that care facilities of this nature could be located adjacent to neighborhoods with 81 percent marking that proximity to shopping and medical offices should be considered.
  • More than 70 percent supported developing housing that is legally restricted by age, including stand-alone and attached single family homes as well as independent senior living centers.
  • Approximately 62 percent of respondents supported greater density of units per acre for senior housing, and 70 percent said such projects should be part of a planned senior community and not integrated within other types of residential subdivisions.

On the issue of the Turner property:

  • 66 percent support increasing taxes for the acquisition of the Turner property at the northeast corner of Franklin Road and Concord Road.
  • The additional tax amounts indicated by residents that they would support were:
    • 30 percent support an increase of up to $100 per year.
    • 22 percent support an increase between $100-$250 per year.
    • 9 percent support an increase between $250-$500 per year.
    • 5 percent support an increase of more than $500 per year.

On the issue of traffic and transportation:

  • 86 percent showed a strong preference for preventing congestion from getting worse.
  • 73 percent support balancing traffic benefit vs. impact on neighborhoods
  • 76 percent support maintaining existing streets through the resurfacing program
  • 71 percent said they’d be willing to pay additional property taxes to fund transportation improvements.
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