Restore Aesthetics

Restore Wellness & Aesthetics will hold a grand opening on August 22, 3 p  at 231 Public Square in downtown Franklin.

Dr. Kumar, along with his physician wife, Dr. Oomman established Restore Wellness and Aesthetic Center to reflect their combined medical philosophy: Deliver the most advanced patient treatments safely and successfully. Their commitment to patients and their common interest in providing the highest quality wellness and aesthetic medicine uniquely position them to address several aspects of a person’s life. Their focus is on providing a holistic approach in treating an individual client.

So why did Dr. Kumar and Dr. Oomman start Restore Wellness and Aesthetics? They became increasingly concerned that traditional medicine by itself could not fulfill a person’s aesthetic and wellness needs.

“We all desire to look better and feel better, but sometimes this only stays as a dream. Some of us have tried and failed to lose weight, improve our looks, or just have better energy and focus. We have all wasted money on experimenting with different skincare or wellness products with unsatisfactory results. Being parents of an Autistic child added to the complexity of our lives as physicians. We let ourselves go. We realized that the only way to take back and restore our lives was to evaluate and then treat ourselves with different therapies. and incorporate them into our own lives. We now know what works and doesn’t and incorporate our experiences into our flagship center in downtown Franklin,” reads a press release.

“Restore Wellness and Aesthetic Center” was created to embrace the craving to feel and look better. The name rightfully embraces the company’s mission to Restore our Health and Beauty inside and out.

Dr. Kumar is Board Certified in Family Medicine by the American Academy of Family Practice. He trained at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He is an experienced physician who has practiced for over 13 years in Arkansas, Nebraska and in Tennessee. He brings a wealth of aesthetic and wellness medical knowledge and experience to the practice. He is a nationally recognized aesthetic physician and teaches other physicians and mid-level providers across the country. He is also sought after by other physicians who want individualized training in aesthetic procedures. He is a master trainer for “Apollo Med Innovation”. He believes that medicine takes care of your physical and mental ailments, but only Medical Aesthetics can heal your soul.

Dr. Oomman is an experienced wellness and female wellness specialist. Her passion continues to be Aesthetic and Wellness Medicine. Her knowledge in Basic Science and her Neurological skill set brings an added advantage to this center. She will be able to incorporate her sleep medicine and migraine knowledge into the wellness component.

She is a Triple Board Certified Neurologist. She has the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry Certification in Neurology, Sleep Medicine and Epilepsy. She trained at the University of Arkansas for Medical Science. Before receiving her Medical training in Neurology, she earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Physiology (Ph.D.) from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) at Lubbock. She trained under Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) Dr. Jean Strahlendorf and published multiple peer-reviewed articles.

Services provided are Botox, filler, hair rejuvenation, weight loss, skin tightening, and more. They also offer migraine treatment, bio identical hormone treatment, addiction treatment, and sleep treatment. Learn more about Restore Wellness & Aesthetics here.