Restoration Hardware

As our options for furniture shopping are dwindling in our area, a favorite go to for Williamson County shoppers has always been Restoration Hardware. Unlike the furniture that you order from a designer that has a no return policy, Restoration Hardware makes it easier for the average do it yourself  decorator to select their pieces.  And we could go down this road for a while about how this entire area is really a designer driven area leaving little room for the self decorator.  But we will save that one for another day.

I digress, so if you received the latest catalog, you may have noticed that Restoration Hardware has completely revamped their look. After several years of the same typical look, they have now introduced a whole new line. Our friend at The Decorologist,broke it down into 6 Distinctive Changes you will see at Restoration Hardware.

  1. The Cream is now White.
  2. Grays are now darker.
  3. Less iron, more gold.
  4. Less Belgium, more Mid Century.
  5. And still no pattern anywhere to be seen.
  6. But here’s the best part-No More Gears!

And we couldn’t agree more with The Decorologist about the changes made at Restoration Hardware.  We are liking the darker grays but if you have kids, white is very hard to pull off.  White walls are near impossible.  Yes, I know almost every magazine out there right now is showing white walls but show me those walls when a busy family lives there with several kids.  Then I might be convinced.

A statement was released by Restoration Hardware regarding what they refer to as the launch of RH Modern.“We believe RH Modern is our finest work to date,” says RH Chairman & CEO Gary Friedman. “From antiques to architecture, from the environments we work in to the devices we work with, there is a modern sensibility that is influencing what we see and how we live in the world. While the market for modern furnishings has always been somewhat small, the convergence of these trends creates an opportunity to develop a much larger market.”

RH Modern introduces an entirely new design vernacular defined by minimalist design and maximum comfort rendered in a nuanced range of warm and cool tones. A harmonic array of fine materials, rich finishes, and organic textures – leather and shagreen, stone, rustic and refined woods, metals such as brass and bronze, lacquers, glass, and aged mirror – allow for intriguing juxtapositions to suit a refined sensibility. Statement pieces include inviting platform and canopy beds; oversized ottomans; low, sophisticated sofas and sectionals with integrated accent tables; lush, tactile carpets; dramatic sculptural lighting; floating lounge chairs and vanities; and stunning window and bath hardware.

RH Modern will captivate the growing number of people who are drawn to modernist design, whether their aesthetic is classic, rustic, or contemporary modern. With thousands of products spanning nearly every facet of the home – from living rooms to dining rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms, home theaters to home offices, and pools to patios – the comprehensive assortment will be the first brand to offer this groundbreaking breadth of furnishings for modern living.

Tell us what you think about the new Restoration Hardware or should we say RH Modern, do you like it or is it just too progressive for the South?

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