Resolve Molecular Diagnostics Offering COVID-19 Antibody Test in Franklin

COVID Antibody
photo from National Foundation for Cancer Research

Resolve Molecular Diagnostics, a Franklin-based lab testing company, is offering a COVID-19 antibody test that has proven to be 99.8% accurate. The firm is partnering with Mason Chiropractic to offer the test with results available in less than 24 hours. Mason Chiropractic is located at 1265 Columbia Ave in Franklin.

“We’ve been performing trials on our test for several months,” said Wes Warrington, CEO of Resolve. “We are pleased to partner with Dr. David Mason and his team to roll this out first in our own backyard here in Franklin. With both of us being local, we can quickly turn results.”

For $129, residents can have blood drawn by a Registered Nurse at Mason Chiropractic to determine if they have previously been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and have antibodies that could potentially provide protection in the future. 

“Many people think they may have had COVID-19 but were never tested,” said Dr. Mason. “Through this test, we can provide a definitive answer and let our patients know if they have active antibodies.”

According to Mason, the presence of antibodies offers peace of mind for many. “While there are still studies underway to determine how long antibodies remain active, early indicators are that they do offer some immunity and protection against reinfection,” he said. “This is helpful for those determining whether they can potentially go back to work, school or resume other normal activities with at least some comfort level.”

According to Warrington, Resolve has captured data showing positive COVID-19 antibodies 10 months post infection that are still active and strong.

Another benefit is that those with active antibodies are eligible to donate convalescent plasma/blood to help others recover. COVID-19 convalescent plasma is an FDA investigational treatment where plasma is transfused from a recovered COVID-19 donor into a critically ill patient.

“Taking one of our antibody tests can actually be a way for residents to give back,” said Warrington. “Whenever we provide a positive test result – meaning we’ve determined a patient has had COVID-19, we provide them with educational materials about convalescent plasma. This is becoming more and more important as we continue to experience a surge in our community.”

To make an appointment with Mason Chiropractic for an antibody test, visit While these tests are not covered by most insurance, they may be covered by Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, or similar programs. Medicare does cover the test but Mason Chiropractic is not an official provider for Medicare. 

Based on response in Franklin, Warrington plans to extend Resolve’s testing programs to other communities in Tennessee and beyond.


  1. Medicare Does cover this test according to Mason Chiropractic may not file insurance or they may not be an approved Medicare provider, but this article is incorrect. There is no need for Medicare patients to pay out of pocket for this.

  2. Why pay when you can get the antibody test for free from the Red Cross when you give blood? That’s a win for everyone.

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