More Clown Craziness: 2 Metro School Lockdowns, “It” Remake in Works

It looks like the circus is coming closer to town, and not about to end anytime soon.

As of Wednesday it had spread as far as Colorado and come as close as Antioch.

Antioch and Glencliff High Schools were on lockdown on Wednesday, Metro School spokeswoman Ameerah Palacios said in a statement, after a concerning social media post involving clowns.

The post was brought to the attention of Metro Schools security and so, “out of an abundance of caution,” they issued the lock down.

The odd phenomenon spritzing across the country- reports, though little actual evidence, of clown sightings, violence or threats of violence – seems to have began with some weird online videos, showing poor-in-taste pranks. It boils down to false reports on one hand, and non-violent but stupid pranks on the other. Together, you have the makings of an urban legend.

But through social media and the connectivity of the internet, urban legends now travel- and go viral through copy cats who- at the speed of snapchat. Reports to police have now occurred in ten states.

Another rumor, one about the re-make of a movie based on a book that stars an evil clown doing pretty much all the same things, and worse, that the recent reports say, was confirmed last month. Weird timing. Or maybe not.

Stephen King’s “It,” published in 1986 and made into a mini-series in 1990, follows a group of kids who vow to defeat Pennywise the Dancing Clown- some sort of lifeform that can take the form of your worst fears.

The new version, long rumored and long in the making, started filming at the end of August. It will be a two-parter, the first part hitting theaters next September. Bill Skarsgård will take on the infamous role of Pennywise, originally played by Tim Curry.

Let’s just hope the whole clown craze does not last that long.


  1. Well, these clowns aren’t any worse than the two running for president. Maybe this is a ploy by Hilary to take the media attention away from her?

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