Relocating to Williamson County: An Insider’s Guide

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relocating to williamson county

Williamson County, TN, just a few miles south of Nashville, gives you easy access to the city while offering enough so that you don’t ever have to leave! The perks of a large metropolis with the Southern gentility of smaller towns, it’s no surprise this metro area is in the top 25 of both places to live and to retire. Whether you already have a plan to move to Williamson County or are considering the change and want to know more, the team at Warren Bradley Partners is happy to give you an insider’s guide to all the reasons why Williamson County is such an idyllic place to move.

Job Opportunities

Employment opportunities abound. Unemployment rate is an incredibly low 3.3% (the national average is 6.1%). Williamson County is bouncing back from the pandemic in impressive style. Job growth rate is currently 2.4% but expected to explode over the next ten years with a phenomenal 54.4% job growth! (National average is 33.5% anticipated growth.) Industries are varied – no, you don’t have to be a musician to make a living here! Health care, education and tech are other popular and rising industries. Amazon and Oracle are expected to bring a combined influx of more than 13,000 jobs.


What’s the pay versus housing market, taxes, etc. like? Good, if you ask us! Tennessee is one of the few states without a state income tax. Yes, the housing market is booming here. That means houses go quickly and are a bit more expensive than they used to be. But housing is still about 13% lower than the national average. And the average square footage for a home in Williamson County is more than 3,000 square feet. So you get plenty of house for your money. If you’re moving from a higher income and cost of living area like New York or Los Angeles, you’ll have sticker shock in a good way! You won’t believe the size and quality of home you’ll find in and around Franklin, TN.

The Vibe

Now for the best reason of all for moving to Williamson County: the vibe. Williamson County offers a slower paced life without any boredom. We love the food scene, the music scene, the remarkable history, the culture, the boutique shopping, and, most of all, its people. Whether people are native Tennesseans or transplants, this place just does something to you. It fosters neighborliness and Southern hospitality. It sets people up for success. No matter what, the comfort and kindness of home and friends is always here.

Relocating to Williamson County

There is plenty to do and see, not to mention incredible access to not just Nashville but many remarkable places only a few hours away. When you’re ready to relocate to Franklin or surrounding areas, the experts at Warren Bradley Partners are at your service. With more than 30 years of experience, these insiders will guide you to the right place to call home.

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