Red Cross Champions for Life

Williamson Medical Center became one of 16 hospitals in the region to receive recognition from the American Red Cross, as “Champions for Life.” This award is only given to organizations that hold at least 4 blood drives in a calendar year and reach 90 percent of goal donations.

Red Cross Blood Drive Williamson County

Williamson Medical Center hosted 5 drives, collecting 215 pints of blood. The life saving potential for that effort amounts to 645 lives throughout the Tennessee Valley Region. There are 62 hospitals in the region where WMC is included. In addition the Red Cross honored 42 donors who donated at least twice last year. Gold, Silver and Bronze lapel pins were awarded based on the level of commitment.

“The Champions for Life program is something that is close to my heart; it’s our special way of thanking our dedicated donors,” says Garry Allison, donor recruitment director for the American Red Cross Tennessee Valley Region. “Williamson Medical Center is unique because in a business sense, employees come to work every day to help people in this community, and on a personal level, they give blood to help save even more lives.”

Blood supply is critically low across the country. June found 50,000 fewer donations than anticipated leaving supplies at half of where they were this time last year. “Every day, the Red Cross must collect more than 17,000 pints of blood for patients at more than 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers across the country. Of that, the Tennessee Valley Blood Services Region must collect approximately 600 pints per day,” says Tim Ryerson, CEO of the American Red Cross Tennessee Valley Blood Services Region. “We need donors to make appointments in the coming days and weeks to help us ensure that all patient blood needs can be met. Each pint of whole blood can help save more than one life.”

The Red Cross needs your help to save lives. Find your nearest donation location today and give the gift of life.

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