Red 7 Pizza Will Serve its Last Pizza This Weekend

red 7 pizza

Red 7 Pizza opened in Spring Hill at 2105 Wall Street in 2017. After less than a year in business, the locally owned restaurant will be closing.

On Thursday morning, Red 7 Pizza posted a message on Facebook about the closure of the Spring Hill location.

We are sad to announce we will be closing our Spring Hill location. Saturday will be our last day. We are grateful to all who asked us to bring a location to this community and all who gave your support. Because we are a local family owned and run business, there are several factors that brought us to this decision. Besides the numbers not being what we hoped for, we also have had a hard time finding enough good employees which is causing us to have to stretch our own time too thin. We will continue to be rocking it down in Columbia at 319 West 7th Street. We have some new things that are going to be happening there that we’re very excited about. We hope you will come and visit us!

Owned by two songwriters, Paul Marino and Jeremy Johnson, they opened their first location in Columbia back in 2015. Marino calls Columbia home while Johnson and his family live in Spring Hill.

Red 7 Pizza concept is that the pizzas are all 11 inches in size, thin crust style with traditional and gluten-free crust options. You can select a specialty pizza like 7th Heaven or The Paulie or choose to build your own with a large variety of sauces, cheeses, meats, and your usual assorted toppings like peppers, mushrooms, olives, and more.

Hours of operation of the Spring Hill location are 11 a – 9 p until Saturday, September 15.

The Columbia Red Pizza 7 is located at 319 West 7th Street, hours of operation -Monday – Thursday 11 a – 8 p, Friday- Saturday 11 a – 9 p and Sunday 11 a – 2 p. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.