Do you like grilled cheese? Do you like bacon? Why not have them together? Sure, you could put bacon inside your grilled cheese sandwich, but what about wrapping your grilled cheese in bacon? Now, that’s something different!

Thankfully, BuzzFeed Food provides instructions for this easy recipe, inspired by This bacon wrapped grilled cheese may just be the perfect Father’s Day meal.

It’s as easy as it looks.

First lay 5 strips of bacon on a cutting board.

Make a sandwich with two pieces of bread and all the cheese your heart desires, then lay it at one end of the bacon strips and wrap bacon around sandwich.bacon wrapped grilled cheese, buzfeed

Lay down another 5 strips of bacon and wrap again. These strips should be perpendicular to the first five.

Sear both sides of the sandwich over medium heat for 5-7 minutes each. You can also crisp the four edges by standing the grilled cheese up on its side for about 30 seconds per edge, after both sides are crispy.bacon wrapped grilled cheese

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