Saulters, Dooley, Albert Canoe Trip

Three Franklin High School graduates are on the last leg of an ambitious 30-day canoe trip, that, when completed, spanned seven states and took them all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Four days after their graduation from Franklin High School, Luke Saulters, Job Dooley, and Jonah Albert set out on their grand adventure.

Planning the event came well before graduation and they are certainly no stranger to the water but traveling all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico from Nashville requires navigating dams, finding places to camp, and keeping up essential supplies like water and food.

The trio is heading into the last stretch of their travels with dam number 12 to be completed this week.

Each day, they are in the boat for at least seven hours and often up to eleven hours a day, traveling anywhere from seven miles to 31 miles in one day.

They’ve encountered challenges like storms, loss of water supply and they even became swamped by a houseboat that didn’t see the two canoes attached to each other rowing down the river. But they’ve also encountered the kindness of strangers to help them along their journey with advice on campsites and providing food.

In the fall, Dooley will head to the University of Tennessee, Saulters and Albert will attend Mississipi State.

Keeping entertained on the water requires creativity as often wifi and mobile connections are not strong. Watch their trick shots they posted on Instagram and follow along as they finish their journey.

We spoke to the trio briefly who shared the first thing they plan to do- eat a big dinner in an air-conditioned restaurant. They plan to finish their journey on Friday.


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Trick shots

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