Real Men Work Out at Studio Novo

Studio Novo

Studio Novo offers the Lagree method of workout on the megaformer.  While most men think that pilates is just for women, men who have tried  this class have a different opinion.

Read about a high school varsity football team’s experience with the megaformer.

Upon stepping onto the machine, the CV guys found their expectations of the Megaformer shattered when their conditioned cores, arms and legs were challenged in a way they hadn’t experienced before.

Pilates has a reputation of being a “woman’s” exercise — that it isn’t challenging, moves slow and, quite frankly, is boring. But while we believe there is no such thing as a “male” or “female” exercise, there is one important thing to know — the Megaformer at RYB has been called “pilates on crack.”

In addition to the training session with the football team, Studio Novo has several devoted male clients at the studio. Although females might outnumber the males in the classes, the men who have come to the classes have become loyal followers. After their first session, many are surprised at the challenge — and the results — the RYB workouts bring.

And really, it should come as no surprise. Because a cardio element is added to the class — that isn’t found in traditional pilates — Stuido Novo clients can burn up to 800 calories in ONE SESSION. And each slow, controlled movement leads to the muscle shake that tells you it’s working — and that leads to quick results.

Other men who also work out on a megaformer—A-Rod and world-famous DJ and hitmaker Calvin Harris.  In the movie “Tropic Thunder,” starring  Ben Stiller starred, he owed that physique to the megaformer.

Owners of Studio Novo, Anna and Santi Tefel, believe in the Lagree method so much that they  have brought the megaformer to our area with two locations. Try your first class for FREE and see what everyone is talking about. Register at Studio Novo for your first class and see for yourself why this method works. Studio Novo is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin.

Meet Studio Novo Owner-Santi