Real Estate Property Transfers in Franklin for December 27, 2022

See property transfers in Franklin Tennessee for December 27-30, 2022. For more information about purchasing or selling a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty. View previous property transfers here

$1,180,000.00Watkins Creek Sec 33490 Stagecoach DrFranklin37067
$1,485,000.00Harts Landmark2187 Hartland RdFranklin37069
$13,350,000.00Cool Springs East Sec 18741 Cool Springs BlvdFranklin37064
$987,739.00St Marlo Sec16012 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$1,114,694.00St Marlo Sec16000 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$1,057,048.00Terravista Sec15009 Terravista LnFranklin37064
$1,410,000.00Brienz Valley Add Sec 12304 Lucerne LnFranklin37064
$1,048,644.00St Marlo Sec16013 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$825,000.00Berry Farms Town Center Sec73001 Rural Plains CirFranklin37064
$445,000.00Grove Sec168717 Weller LnFranklin37064
$690,000.00Fieldstone Farms Sec L385 Cannonade CirFranklin37069
$1,997,157.00Lookaway Farms Sec26128 Open Meadow LnFranklin37067
$670,000.00Temple Hills Sec 8102 Collinwood CloseFranklin37069
$1,501,220.00Daventry Sec33142 Chase Point DrFranklin37067
$1,020,828.00Terravista Sec15216 Terra CtFranklin37064
$998,900.00Westhaven Sec59831 Horizon DrFranklin37064
$595,000.00Morningside Sec 48073 Sunrise CirFranklin37067
$1,260,690.00St Marlo Sec16312 Chadderton DrFranklin37064
$2,100,000.00Westhaven Section 27444 Wild Elm StFranklin37064
$1,195,000.00Temple Hills Sec 12314 St Andrews DrFranklin37069
$310,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 2 Rev 11101 Downs Blvd #150Franklin37064
$2,258,173.00Lookaway Farms Sec26153 Lookaway CirFranklin37064
$1,043,418.00St Marlo Sec16009 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$636,000.00Battlewood Est Sec 1139 Gen J B Hood DrFranklin37069
$1,075,000.00Ashton Park Sec 1149 Allenhurst CirFranklin37067
$180,000.00Crews Charles E Jr5916 Pinewood RdFranklin37064
$232,000.00Blackberry Ridge5001 Cobbler Ridge RdFranklin37064
$510,000.00Mill @ Bond Springs Sec25216 Bond Springs CtFranklin37064
$592,080.00Waters Edge Sec6139 Calm Waters StFranklin37064
$865,000.00Forest Home Farms Sec 7816 High Point Ridge RdFranklin37069
$819,292.00Waters Edge Sec64128 Flowing Creek DrFranklin37064
$1,092,974.00St Marlo Sec16110 St Marlo DrFranklin37064
$310,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 11101 Downs Blvd #d-102Franklin37064
$1,252,261.00St Marlo Sec16308 Chadderton DrFranklin37064
$1,203,253.00Mcdaniel Estates Sec57620 Delancey DrFranklin37064
$1,106,850.00St Marlo Sec16125 St Marlo DrFranklin37064
$1,229,780.00Highlands @ Ladd Park Sec42137 Alfred Ladd RdFranklin37064
$1,038,130.00St Marlo Sec16055 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$1,302,592.00St Marlo Sec16030 Emma Victoria DrFranklin37064
$625,000.00Bouchard Donald5556 Boy Scout RdFranklin37064
$1,250,000.002550 Snowbird Hollow RdFranklin37064
$590,000.00Mckays Mill Sec 171377 Liberty PkFranklin37067
$442,500.00Fieldstone Farms Sec K-12008 Trent Park DrFranklin37069
$798,500.00Villages @ Southbrooke Sec11013 Southbrooke BlvdFranklin37064
$310,000.00Hardison Hills Sec 11101 Downs Blvd #d-103Franklin37064
$545,000.00Stream Valley Sec171037 Oglethorpe DrFranklin37064
$624,569.00Waters Edge Sec62133 Gunwale StFranklin37064
$984,900.00Westhaven Sec59826 Horizon DrFranklin37064
$1,089,511.00Terravista Sec15208 Terra CtFranklin37064
$1,474,890.00Westhaven Sec59801 Horizon DrFranklin37064
$2,195,000.00Westhaven Sec522025 Kathryn AveFranklin37064
$456,752.00Fields Of Canterbury Sec141508 Nickelby PlaceFranklin37067
$1,225,000.00Westhaven Sec 13612 Pearre Springs WayFranklin37064
$556,823.00Waters Edge Sec6108 Calm Waters StFranklin37064