Read Why Holli Can’t Stop Working Out at Studio Novo

Studio Novo in Cool Springs is one of the fastest growing workouts in the area. What brings most students to class is the minimum amount of time the workout requires but in a very short time you will see maximum results.  Studio Novo is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin. Read why Holli says she just can’t stop working out at Studio Novo, then follow her advice and book that first FREE class at Studio Novo.


WS: What brought you to Studio Novo, and what keeps you coming back?
Holli: My friend wanted to try something new and we had a friend that does it, so we tried. I was hooked.. When I noticed the changes in my body I can’t stop.
WS:What is your favorite exercise at Studio Novo, and why?
Holli: Escalator lunges. Like a lot of the moments in novo it’s a full body workout, forcing me to use my core along with my legs!
WS: What’s your favorite thing about the Megaformer?
Holli: How fast you can feel the muscles working based on the amount of time you spend doing the exercises

WS: Tell us about the results you’ve seen since working out at Studio Novo.
Holli: I’m SO much stronger than I was when I first started! I couldn’t do a plank or much less hold myself up when I first started. It’s a good feeling to know how far I’ve come.

WS: What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Holli: A glass of wine and a good meal!
WS: What’s your favorite meal/night out in Nashville/Franklin?
Holli: My favorite restaurant in Nashville right now is Hushk! Love the farm to table atmosphere.

WS: Is there anything else you think others should know about Studio Novo?
Holli: Give it a try! You’ll be just as addicted as I am once you give it a shot! I’ll tell you, if I can do it, you can!! First class is free, why not!!
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