Ravenwood Students Become Fashion Editors

Ravenwood students who are enrolled in the Fashion Design program visited Belk at the Cool Springs Galleria on Tuesday, January 13th,  for one on one time with  Belk Fashion Director, Arlene Goldstein.

These students who can partipate in a three year program from Intro to Fashion to Fashion Design 2 and Advanced Fashion had the opportunity to ask questions about all things fashion.  Their interview with  Goldstein will hess student  appear in  their fashion magazine called “Threads.”

Here is a small excerpt from their interview with Arlene Goldstein:

Fashion Student(FS): Do you see the spring trend in floral prints to be large or small florals?
AG: I see all kinds of flowers , digitized floral prints, floral accessories including pumps and embellished flats and sandals, pops of yellow and light turquoise within the prints. “Flowers are the single most important story of spring”. Also the palm print is IN for women and men.
FS:Where is your favorite fashion city to visit and get inspiration for upcoming trends?
AG: NYC for sure, they are the early adopters of fashion, best street style, adventurous risk takers, “I got some of the best ideas ever taking a break on a bench in Brooklyn when my foot was hurting on a visit” . I call it the “Brooklyn Beat”. “ Of course, people watching on the streets of Paris and London or Venice is like attending a fashion show”.
FS: What has been the highlight of your career?
AG:” Attending the National Democratic convention , a place where politics meets fashion”.

As I asked the students their reaction to spending time with Goldstein they said,”great speaker, she is funny, she made us feel important and she had a rich visual vocabulary. I felt like I not only hear what she was talking about , I saw it in my mind”.

In April, these students will present their Ravenwood Runway “Animal Kingdom”  fashion show based on the ecosystems and animal prints.  In their 7th year, the show brings out over 500 attendees with two students awarded $1,000 scholarship to the best collections.