Ravenwood at BGA and the Rest of your Scores this Week

By Amber Pennycuff

Ravenwood @ BGA- Lady Raptors Take Win

Last night, the BGA Wildcats took on the Ravenwood Raptors.

The ladies tipped off first, starting off a bit slow in the first quarter. It was 9-6 leading into the second, with Ravenwood in the front seat.  Nearing the end of the first half, the Lady Wildcats soon caught up, making it an even 11-11 match-up.  BGA would settle in for a 3-point deficit going into half-time, with Ravenwood up 16-13.

Into the second half, Caroline Abbott had an impressive three 3-pointers.  BGA struggled to carry a lead in the third quarter, and Ravenwood’s Alexis Ahlert made sure of that.  Alhert had 9-points in the third and was an aggressive influence on the court the entire night.

It was 29-35 and Ravenwood was in the lead. BGA’s Allison Cowie was another high scorer in the night, with 9-points in the fourth, and Ravenwood’s Emmy Allen utilized her free throws to rack up points on the board.

The Lady Raptors rounded up a 55-50 win over BGA all the way down to the seconds of the game.

Ravenwood @ BGA- Wildcats Dominate Raptors on Court for Win

The Wildcats ignited the court with a 5-point lead, only seven minutes into the game.  Zach Wracher drew that line with three 3’s on the court, becoming the leading scorer in the first half.  Behind him, BGA’s Nathan Moran was on fire and fell just behind Wracher in the first half, leading with 9-points.

After BGA held the entire first quarter, Ravenwood decided to show up to the game and make it a neck-and-neck match-up only seconds in.  The 16-16 race soon fell through, and the Raptors continuously fought for the lead until the second half, with a 33-24 score.

Into the third, Ravenwood’s Case Bouldin sailed in his second 3-pointer of the night, but the Raptors were behind 57-39, going into the last minutes of the game.

Ravenwood’s Matthew Hailey and Nick Gleason ignited the court in the fourth as leading shooters, but BGA stayed on top and kept an arms-length lead until seconds left.  Ravenwood was creeping up 65-72 within the last minute of the game, but the Wildcats insured a win, 74-65.


All games begin at 6 p.m., tipping off with women’s basketball.  Games and times are subject to change.  Here’s a look at the rest of your results this week in Williamson County basketball:

Monday, November 18th

-Fairview vs. Santa Fe: M 38-39 (L), W 40-57 (L)

– Franklin vs. Oakland: M 43-50 (L), W 40-54 (L)

FRA vs. Ezell-Harding: M 74-31 (W), W 33-39 (L)

Ravenwood vs. Overton: M 70-50 (W), W 43-55 (L)

Tuesday, November 19th

-Brentwood @ Beech: M 63-54 (W), W 49-45 (W)

-CPA vs. Cane Ridge: M 90-57 (W), W 39-38 (W)

-Father Ryan vs. Lipscomb Academy: M 48-46 (W), W 46-59 (L)

-Franklin @ Cheatham County: M 44-63 (L), W 60-43 (W)

-Independence @ Stewarts Creek: M 58-64 (L), W 60-57 (W)

-Page vs. Eagleville: M 57-40 (W), W 39-47 (L)

-Spring Hill @ Summtertown: M 64-48 (W), W 35-46 (L)

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