RAINE Boutique, located in the Brentwood Shopping Place in Brentwood, should definitely be your next destination for gifts, jewelry and the of-the-moment fashion. Raine is owned by sisters Marybeth Stone and Gina Camp.  And when you visit Raine, it’s like visiting with family who will welcome you into the store with open arms and some good conversation.  Learn more about their first year in business in Brentwood, plans for the holidays and the item they just can’t keep in the store.

You are coming up on your one-year anniversary, why did you choose to open a boutique in Brentwood? 

I have always loved fashion and actually studied fashion in college. I really love the fashion industry but left working retail hours to devote my holidays and weekends to my family. Once my daughter started middle school, she began showing an interest in fashion. I would search for unique and beautiful clothing for her, and she loved just about everything that I selected. As my children grew older, I found myself with more time on my hands and started to get restless being at home. At one point, I was so bored that I would go into my daughter’s closet, while she was at school, and style her outfits for the week.mb-gena-RAINE

That is when she said, “Mom, you should really open a clothing store!” I think what she really wanted was for me to stay out of her closet. But I took her advice when soon after that I was able to pursue an opportunity providing clothing for a lifestyle store that was opening in Brentwood. I approached my sister, who lives close by, and talked her into becoming my business partner, and that was the beginning of RAINE. What we didn’t realize at the time, was how well our products would be received by the women in our community. It didn’t take long for our business to grow beyond a category in a lifestyle store, and into a destination for women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, and our pet project, vintage boots. That growth led to the opening our own brick and mortar store in the spring of 2015.

What has been the biggest surprise from your customers in Williamson County?

raine-williamson-source-photoI think our biggest surprise is the small town feel that our customers bring to RAINE. They are friendly, incredibly kind, and very supportive of our small business. They not only support us through shopping at RAINE but also encourage others to shop with us. We are always excited when we have a repeat customer or word of mouth customer, it makes us feel like we are doing something right! Our customers are constantly offering words of praise, appreciation, and even encouragement as our building was undergoing an exterior re-model this year. Now that the construction is complete, they have been very complimentary of the building’s “new look”, and we agree that it is beautiful! Our customers know that they are always welcome at RAINE, we love when they stop by to just browse and visit!

Tell us the one item that you just can’t seem to keep in stock.

Our most popular item is more of a category. Customers love our jewelry, and for many, we are their go-to place for that special piece to complete an outfit or give as a gift. We carry several unique, handmade, artisan pieces that aren’t sold in other shops in our area and our customers appreciate that. If we had to name one specific item that sells well, that we re-order often, it is our 6 inch hanging recycled glass cross. At $16, it is one of our most popular gift items, people give them for every occasion from a gift for the nursery of a newborn, to a gift for a student going away to college, and even a gift of comfort for a friend who has lost a loved one. RAINE

How would you describe the style of  RAINE?

RAINE customers are multi-generational. The majority of our tops and dresses can be worn by both mothers and daughters, styled differently to suit their age. Many of our customers want to look “dressed” without a lot of fuss. They want to throw on a top or dress with a necklace or scarf, and feel put together. They appreciate comfort in the fabrics they wear, and love the details in the clothing that we select for the shop. Our customers appreciate our philosophy of not overbuying even the most popular styles, so they do not run into themselves about town. They also appreciate the wide variety of sizes and prices that can be found in our shop.

What will holiday shopping at RAINE look like?

RAINE is very busy during the holidays. In addition to shopping our apparel for the season or special events, our customers find RAINE to be a great place for crossing gift recipients off their list. They gravitate to our jewelry, candles, and other gifts that can be found in a wide range of prices. They also love how easy it is to access our shop. The parking at Raine is very convenient, it is an easy place to run into, and there is always someone on staff ready to help with selecting the perfect outfit or gift. Our customers love that we offer gift cards, and are always appreciative of our complimentary gift wrap.

RAINE is located at 330 Franklin Road. Click here to learn more about RAINE.



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