Puffy Muffin Closes One Location

In a Facebook post, Puffy Muffin announced they will close their Cool Springs location on September 23.

The Cool Springs location opened in May of 2013 and was the second location for the family owned eatery which opened its first location on Franklin Road in Brentwood back in 1986.

On Facebook, Puffy Muffin wrote that they have “decided to consolidate into the original Brentwood location [229 Franklin Road] in the Hill Center where we have been for 27 years.”

“As a family-owned and operated business, we have decided to combine our talented people, equipment, inventory and put all our efforts into one location, which will simplify our processes and better serve our guests. This is a positive change to be the very best we can be in our business. What we do is so specialized and we believe our team works best in close proximity to keep a unified brand,” they state.

Loyal customers of the Puffy Muffin Cool Springs location made almost 150 comments on the announcement.

One said, “NO NO NO NO NO! I am so sad. CS PM is my restaurant of choice when going out to lunch. In fact, I am having lunch with a newbie to Franklin on the 14th. I was going to introduce her to PM. At least we can still go but will be the last time. Rarely do I ever drive to BW for lunch. Maybe once a year if that much. Just not going to do it. Don’t understand because CS PM usually always had a crowd. Poor decision but I guess you have your reasons. Good luck.”

Another had nothing but praise for The Puffy Muffin as the restaurant replied to every comment, “Seeing PM responding to all of these posts is the reason I will go to BW. PM you care about your staff,customers, and community and that is why I will give you my business no matter where you are located. Traffic-smaffic – I crave your pimento cheese – guess I know where I am going for lunch tomorrow 😋”

The Puffy Muffin offers bakery items, catering, dining-in and a large selection of to-go items which includes salads, entrees, and bread.  Follow The Puffy Muffin on Facebook for the latest updates and read the entire Facebook post below.

The Puffy Muffin