Puckett’s Owner Shares Secret Baked Bean Recipe

Puckett's Andy Marshall

When Andy Marshall purchased Puckett’s Grocery in Leiper’s Fork 20 years ago, he took on more than the role of owner. Marshall became the pitmaster famously waking up at the crack of dawn to smoke Thanksgiving turkeys for his customers and the brains behind the restaurant’s beloved Southern recipes.

Marshall drew on his Memphis roots to create the Puckett’s menu, perfecting an 18-hour ‘low n’ slow’ smoking process reminiscent of the barbecue he grew up eating and borrowing family recipes from his father, Clifton H. Marshall, Sr.

Today, the Puckett’s brand has grown to include five locations across middle Tennessee, but the restaurants stay true to the authentic recipes Marshall used back in the 1990s, down to the home-cooked sides and desserts and of course, smoked pulled pork and brisket.

With the 4th of July approaching, the restaurateur is letting Puckett’s fans in on a never-before-seen recipe that’s a key player in any holiday cookout: Andy Marshall’s Baked Beans. The summertime side is a family staple, noted as the “best baked beans around” by his daughter, Claire Crowell.

Marshall says the secret is two tablespoons of Puckett’s Rib Rub, the same seasoning that’s used in the restaurant’s cherry wood-smoked baby back ribs and sold on its shelves alongside the burger shake, BBQ rub and all-purpose seasoning, original and spicy BBQ sauces, house marinade and Boat House pepper sauce.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, Puckett’s is offering the chance to buy two of the sauces, spices or rubs for $6, available in stores and online at store.puckettsgro.com. Anyone who purchases Puckett’s Rib Rub will also receive a limited-edition card printed with Marshall’s Baked Bean Recipe. The sale ends July 4. To learn more about Puckett’s, go to puckettsgro.com.


8 slices of uncooked bacon
2 tbs. yellow mustard
1 medium Vidalia Onion
2 tbs. ketchup
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
4 jars of B&M baked beans, original
2 tbs. yellow mustard
2 tbs. ketchup
1 tbs. Worcestershire sauce 1 tbs. maple syrup
2 tbs. Puckett’s Rib Rub


Preheat oven to 300°. Dice the bacon and cook in a Lodge cast iron skillet over medium heat. Dice the onions and peppers and sauté with the bacon until onions are translucent. Mix in other ingredients and bake uncovered for 45 minutes.