contest of resilience

Spring Hill High to Host Alternative Event

MTSU canceled the nation’s longest running high school band competition due to a White Lives Matter protest taking place in Murfreesboro this weekend.

Instead, Spring Hill High School organized to host an alternative event itself, called the Contest of Resilience.

After the event was canceled earlier in the week, Spring Hill High managed to create the contest just in time, and it will include 10 of the bands that were headed for the canceled Contest of Champions.

The name resilient came from a suggestion by one of the displaced band students.

“Someone suggested it on a message board used to organize the event. Love is always going to win,” Elliott Wittstruck, one of SHHS’s band leaders, said. “We can’t let hate win, so we are just going to be resilient.”

The Contest of Resilience will take place at Spring Hill High School on Saturday at 5 p.m. Admission is $10.

The bands include high schools from: Mt. Juliet, Siegel, Sparkman, AL; Coffee County, Bob Jones, AL; Oakland, Muhlenberg, KY; Union City, McGavock, and of course Spring Hill.