Proposed Trail System Connecting McKays Mill to Brentwood

mckays Mill

Residents of McKays Mill will gather for a presentation of a proposed new greenways trail system that will link McKays Mill to the Brentwood City Parks and trail system. In addition, the proposal calls for a bike trail that would link McKays Mill to Clovercroft Elementary School.

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2015 at the McKays Mill Clubhouse. Gary Vogrin of Vogrin Design Group will present the plan to residents and guests. County Commissioners Gregg Lawrence and Kathy Danner and Franklin City Alderman Bev Burger, will also be presenting the plan.

“Gregg and I are very excited about this project and other walking trail/connectivity projects.  Gregg is spearheading this effort. We have had several constituents request various trail projects throughout the district so Gregg has started a “trail blazers” committee,” Commissioner Danner explained.

Danner went on to say, “I can also tell you that we have sought help from both Brentwood and Franklin and both municipalities have been very responsive.  These trails will most likely be connecting city and county land and so it will take a coordinated effort.”

Green space and trails is important to the City of Brentwood and private citizen groups have raised money to support expansion of Ravenswood Park and the trails surrounding the area. Commissioner Lawrence acknowledges, “Brentwood is way ahead of the rest of the county when it comes to trails.”

Brentwood City Commissioner Betsy Crossley is a supporter of the project however pointed out,  “We would love to  eventually connect with Mckays Mill. We can only do that after Franklin finishes extending McEwen. If they do that, then we can connect at the south end of Wilson Pike.”

The meeting is open to the public and community input is important. If you cannot attend the meeting, however, but want to learn more, contact Gregg Lawrence.

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