Predators Cup Play: Centennial Checks Hendersonville

predators cup

 By Zachary Harmuth

Centennial beat Hendersonville 7-4 late Thursday night in Predators Cup tournament semifinal game at A-Game Sports Complex.

The game, which only started at 9:40 p.m., went in Centennial’s favor from the start, as the Cougars (9-8-1) scratched out to a 2-1 lead over HHS (9-8-2) after the first period.

Centennial will play Ravenwood (12-7-0) tomorrow night at 6:40 p.m. at A-Game and the winner will play Brentwood Saturday for the Predators Cup at Bridgestone Arena at 4:45 p.m. predators cup

Ravenwood lost to the Bruins (13-4-1) on Wednesday night, 2-1 but because of the round-robin tournament structure, the Raptors get a shot to avenge the loss if they beat Centennial.

Last year, Ravenwood beat Brentwood and Centennial to get to the finals.

So with that history these three teams have left plenty of blood on the ice against each other to make any match-up a potentially epic spectacle of tension, talent and glory.

Tickets are available here for the Cup game on Saturday.