Beginning Sunday evening August 6, through Tuesday evening August 8, Carothers Parkway between East McEwen Drive and Liberty Pike will be detoured around water line construction in the roadway. The closure hours will be from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. each of these nights, to minimize the impact to residents and visitors who travel this road.

The project will include the re-construction of roadway pavement and re-installation of pavement markings. During the day, all lanes will be open and temporary markings will guide drivers.

Franklin Police officers will assist drivers approaching this zone before and after the closures during the installation and removal of temporary traffic control devices and barrels.

Detour signage will direct northbound motorists eastward on Liberty Pike to Turning Wheel Lane going north, and then back west on East McEwen Drive to Carothers Parkway. Detour signage will direct southbound motorists westward on East McEwen Drive to Mallory Lane going south, and then back east on Liberty Pike.

This water line project will facilitate service to new developments in the rapidly growing Carothers Parkway corridor



  1. On a related subject, why is the west end of Critz Ln blocked off to east bound traffic? There is absolutely no road construction taking place. This is making undue congestion on 431. Trailer trucks have an incredibly hard time making the turn onto Critz Ln from Lewisburg Pike. One turned over just last week. There is absolutely no apparent reason to have that road closed. Explain please.

  2. Another thing, what would be so difficult about putting traffic lights at the underpasses on Wilson Pike? That would open another bad needed corridor to Brentwood from Triune. Please help us with the traffic instead of doing all you can to make it worse.


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