Popular Murfreesboro Restaurant Announces Move to Franklin

Dallas & Jane
photo from Dallas & Jane Facebook

Murfreesboro’s Dallas & Jane restaurant is on the move.

Chef Alex Belew shared via Facebook that the Murfreesboro restaurant will relocate to Franklin.

“Last week we told you Dallas & Jane was partnering with Made South to create Made South Hospitality but what we didn’t tell you is what our first concept for Franklin was…. I’m going to tell you right now. We are taking Dallas & Jane from Murfreesboro and launching it in Franklin,” Chef Belew said in a video statement.

This will be the first restaurant concept of the newly announced Made South Hospitality Group which is comprised of the founder of Made South Chris Thomas and Alex Belew, Executive Chef and owner of Dallas & Jane in Murfreesboro. In addition, Monte Silva joins as operational partner and brings over 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry. 

An address for the new Franklin location for Dallas & Jane has not been released.

The hospitality group is also planning a food and wine event in Franklin slated for spring 2021. Read more here. 

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