Hostages Released from Columbia Bank, Suspect Still Inside.

Hostages Released from Columbia Bank

UPDATE 7:15 pm

WKRN reports all hostages have been released from the bank. The 53-year-old male suspect is still inside the bank.

UPDATE 6:15 pm

A total of 6 hostages have been released with 3 more in the bank. Here’s the latest press briefing.

UPDATE 5:40 pm

After a brief press conference, Captain Alsup with Columbia PD confirmed that Friday afternoon a 53-year-old white male entered First Community Bank on South James Campbell Blvd in Columbia, yielding a machete. He took nine hostages. At this time, 4 hostages have been released, leaving 5 in the bank. However, during the press briefing, we could hear applause as though another hostage was being released.

As of now, police do not know the man’s motivation but it does not appear to be robbery, Captain Aslup said.

The investigation is still active and ongoing.

UPDATE: 5:15 pm

Just moments ago, an individual was led out of the bank. This is the second individual to emerge from the bank since police arrived on the scene over an hour ago.

The Columbia Daily Herald reports that, at this point, four of nine hostages have been released.

3:45 pm

Shortly before 2:30pm Friday afternoon, police responded to an armed robbery and hostage situation call at Community First Bank at 501 South James Campbell Blvd in Columbia.

A witness on the scene reports that the bank is completely surrounded, police have assault rifles drawn and it appears the SWAT team is on the side of the building wearing helmets with a battering ram.

Photos by Ron Worrell

Officers from Columbia Police, Maury County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are on the scene, along with several ambulances and Maury Regional Hospital is on standby for potential patients. The FBI is enroute to the bank, reports WKRN.