Although summer is over, now is actually a great time to think about adding a pool to accompany your backyard and make it into a welcoming oasis for next year. As fall brings milder weather and nicer working conditions, it makes it one of the best times of the year to add a pool. With the variety of pool shapes available, what kind should you consider? “Typically rectangle and geometric pools are considered more formal and traditional, while curved pools are more natural in appearance,” says Heather Crawford, co-owner of Clearwater Pools in Brentwood. Here are five of the most popular designs and shapes that make the most of your available space.

1.Classic Rectangular 
Rectangular pools have been around the longest and are the most popular type chosen as these offer a more straight-forward swimming experience and work for almost any yard. Despite this being the simplest design, there are many ways to enhance the landscaping around this design from long planters, outdoor kitchens, and accompanying lounge areas. There are also many designs with similar differences that play off this design including the geometric, Roman, and Grecian pools.
2.Infinity Pools
These pools also typically play off of the rectangular pools, but include the dramatic effect of seemingly going on forever. These pools use an altered design that allows the water to flow over a wall into a hidden trough where the water flows back into the pool fooling every onlooker into believing the pool goes on. These are typically used with homes that overlook stunning scenery from spectacular mountains ridges to nearby cityscapes that makes the most use of the designs unique feature.


3.Kidney Shaped
The other most common shape is the kidney shaped pool. This was first designed in 1948 by a landscape architect by the name of Thomas Church. The new design was featured by magazines, and it quickly became a sought after design. With more natural soft curved edges, it became a popular favorite as it is more forgiving of limited space than the strict rectangular design. It also made it easier to provide complementary landscaping from exotic gardens or lush vegetation surroundings. Just like rectangular pools, the usual design accommodates for different depths while still offering the availability of adding a spa that looks natural and provides additional comfort within the indented area. Overall, owners were able to have a more natural oasis away from everything in the comfort of their backyard.



4.Freeform Pools
Freeform pools were designed along the same lines as the kidney pools, but often have softer curves all the way around. This design allows for more customization around structures and existing landscaping that is difficult to change because it doesn’t conform to any standard shape or size. The design of these allows for more whimsical ideals that are potentially even more natural than the kidney shape, and therefore have become one of the most frequent designs in the last few years. They are particularly nice when accompanied by fire pits, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and shaded areas.


5.Lagoon Style
The lagoon style takes the freeform design even further with more curves and can give the look and feel of a more welcoming retreat. These are often accompanied by natural rock landscaping, waterfalls, hidden caves, and special lighting to really make the pool a focal point of the outside space. This particular style is the most flexible and natural of all the designs and has the most availability of customization by adding unique features that many people love in backyard pool landscapes.


As always, if you are considering adding a pool to your property, consult with your local pool experts at Clearwater Pools. Their designer can help you choose which shape and style fits best with the design of your home.