photo from PInspiration Facebook

A new DIY studio will open in Brentwood in September 2020.

The studio is called Pinspiration and will be located at 91 Seaboard Lane, Brentwood.

Inspired by the idea of pinning projects on Pinterest, Pinspriations is a place where you can create the most popular items on Pinterest in the studio with all of the tools and supplies you need in one place.

The new studio will offer over 40 art projects, a party room, a Jackson Pollock inspired splatter room, along with light snacks, as well as, beer and wine.

Pinspiration is a craft studio franchise and the Brentwood location will be owned by Brentwood resident Priti Singh. With a passion for all things design from decorating for a party to interior design, Singh is excited to open this studio for those who enjoy art as much as she does.

The studio will also be available for corporate events, team building projects, scouting events, showers, birthday and Singh mentioned one of their locations has even had a wedding.

The new studio is expected to open September 2020.


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