Pig N Pit in Spring Hill Closes

Pig n Pit
photo by Michael Carpenter

Spring Hill BBQ joint Pig N Pit has closed. The restaurant opened in the spring of 2021 at 4910 Main St in Spring Hill.

“Due to ever-rising food costs and difficulty in finding staff to fill the many open positions, we have reluctantly closed our Spring Hill location permanently,” reads a statement sent to us.

However, the restaurant will continue to serve the public with catering and bartending options.

Plus, Pig N Pit will launch a food truck this fall, they added.

Owned by Chris and Sherry Johnson, the couple started serving BBQ out of a food truck then retired the food truck in 2017 to offer catering before setting sights on a brick-and-mortar location.

Chris began his love of BBQ over 15 years ago when he began smoking and cooking, which led to him becoming a certified judge in the Memphis and Kansas City networks, allowing him to taste different styles.

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