Photo of the Day: September 15, 2021

Chukkers for Charity
photo from Chukkers for Charity

Each day, we will bring you a photo of the day, showcasing the sights of Williamson County (and beyond). Whether it’s a photo of a local landmark, a park, a photo from an event or just a great photo from the area, we want to showcase our local communities throughout the next year.

Today’s photo is from the Chukkers for Charity event held this past weekend.

The 25th annual Chukkers for Charity polo match was held on Saturday, Sept. 11 at Riverview Farm, hosted by Orrin Ingram and Stefanie Latham.

The signature event commemorated the anniversary of 9/11 and raised funds for Rochelle Center and Saddle Up! The Ironhorse Farm’s team included Orrin Ingram, Lexie Armstrong, Wes Finlayson and captain Armando Huerta. Low Key Ranch’s team included Bayard Erb, Cesar Rangel, Zulu Scott-Barnes and captain Stevie Orthwein.

Both team captains have a plethora of wins and achievements, making this match a competitive one, but team Ironhorse Farms won in the end. Team Low Key Ranch’s Stevie Orthwein was named most valuable player and won a King Jeweler’s Swiss Army watch. Patrons enjoyed the match in individual tents to accommodate up to 10 guests, giving everyone a front-row seat to Tennessee’s largest polo match. Attendees also enjoyed a gorgeous day in Franklin with All-American Heroes Lemonade signature cocktail featuring Heroes Vodka

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