Photo of the Day: May 20, 2022

Korean War Veterans Bridge
photo from Insight Counseling Centers

Each day, we will bring you a photo of the day, showcasing the sights of Williamson County (and beyond). Whether it’s a photo of a local landmark, a park, a photo from an event or just a great photo from the area, we want to showcase our local communities throughout the next year.

Photo of the day: To observe Mental Health Awareness Month, Insight Counseling Centers partnered with Metro Services to light up the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge in green and purple on May 18. Green symbolizes the continual awareness of mental health, and purple represents Insight Center’s brand colors.

2022 marks the 73rd year of the observance of Mental Health Awareness Month. Whether or not someone personally suffers from a mental health issue, Mental Health Awareness Month helps people recognize the ways illness impacts their lives, educates people about available services, and highlights ways to advocate.


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