Photo of the Day: March 14, 2021

papa c pie wedding pie, photo by Callie Riesling
Pie from Papa C Pies/Photo by Callie Riesling

Each day, we will bring you a photo of the day, showcasing the sights of Williamson County (and beyond). Whether it’s a photo of a local landmark, a park, a photo from an event or just a great photo from the area, we want to showcase our local communities throughout the next year.

It’s Pi Day! A day to celebrate the mathematical constant pi () and to eat lots of pie! Because the first three digits of pi are 3.14, Pi Day is always celebrated on March 14th! So it seemed appropriate to share a photo of some pie.

Today’s photo showcases pies made by local bakery Papa C Pies for Sarah Behrenberg’s wedding. Photo by Callie Riesling Photography.

Papa C Pies will be open on March 14th from 10am until 5pm offering a free 4″ tart ($5 value) online and on Sunday they will have a $3.14 discount (on orders over $30) available in store!

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