Personalized, Expert Attention At Harpeth Valley Dermatology

Personalized, Expert Attention At Harpeth Valley Dermatology

When you go to your local skin care clinic, do you really know who you’re receiving treatment from? Many patients would naturally assume they’re seeing a physician with special training in skin care. However, it’s more common than not for treatment to be administered by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant without formal training in dermatology.

At Harpeth Valley Dermatology, patients can expect something better, a new level of expert care: professional treatment provided only by board-certified dermatologists. Megan Morrison, DO (also a fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon), Pezhman Shoureshi, DO, and Benjamin Bashline, DO, offer professional skin care in a small, boutique environment at their Thompson’s Station and Smyrna offices.

Expert Care from Board-Certified Physicians

“When patients visit us, they’re guaranteed to see a dermatologist,” says Dr. Morrison. “Our patients won’t see a physician assistant or nurse practitioner at Harpeth Valley Dermatology. They will only see us, the doctors.”

While well-versed in treating common dermatologic issues, the physicians at Harpeth Valley Dermatology often handle the complex side of skin care, including lupus and  psoriasis. “Some providers shy away from those kinds of issues,” says Dr. Shoureshi, “but it’s what we really enjoy doing and taking on.”

As osteopathic physicians, the providers at Harpeth Valley tend to take a more holistic approach. “We dig into the patient’s situation and explain things thoroughly,” says Dr. Bashline. “We look at the full picture.”

Leaders In the Field of Skin Care

In addition to providing patients with quality care, all three physicians at Harpeth Valley Dermatology are teachers affiliated with the University of Tennessee Residency program. In fact, their leadership extends all the way to the state level. Dr. Shoureshi is the President of the Tennessee Dermatology Society, an organization that plays an important leadership role in professional education and state legislation.

Schedule A Skin Care Appointment

For more information, call Harpeth Valley Dermatology at (615) 905-8083 or request an appointment online.

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