Pearre Creek Elementary Celebrates 10th Birthday

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Happy Birthday, Pearre Creek Elementary
Photo from WCS
Pearre Creek Elementary Teachers
Pearre Creek Elementary Teachers

It’s Pearre Creek Elementary’s 10th birthday, and the staff is making sure it’s an unforgettable year.

Students and teachers have been celebrating with small treats each month, including bracelets, cupcakes and t-shirts. It’s all in honor of the school they love.

“Pearre Creek has always been a very special place,” said PCES Assistant Principal Jennifer Schwartz. “It’s like this little piece of heaven. We have great families, and our support is incredible here. That’s been consistent since the beginning.”

Pearre Creek Elementary’s unique location in the Westhaven Subdivision allows the school to foster a neighborhood community, something the students enjoy.

“I like the teachers, and I like the traditions here,” said PCES fifth grader Kingsley Fisher. “I’ve made a lot of friends while I’ve been here, and my teachers make jokes and give people nicknames. I love it.”

In addition to the small monthly surprises, PCES administrators wanted to celebrate with something more permanent. They enlisted a local artist, Kingsley’s mother, to paint a mural in the main hallway. The design they chose depicts Tennessee and its major landmarks, and Franklin is highlighted with a Pearre Creek panther paw.

“We really wanted something that would improve our building,” said Schwartz. “We wanted something that would be a beautiful place to take pictures. The mural we chose is amazing. It’s incredibly colorful, and there’s so much information in it. We absolutely love it.”

The mural is just another example of the school’s growth. Teachers who have been at the school since the beginning love seeing the changes and are excited to see Pearre Creek Elementary continue to grow.

“We started out so tiny,” said PCES librarian Julie Boggess. “We had three teachers per grade level, and now we’re at six for several grades. We used to have empty shelves in the library that I had to fill with stuffed animals, and now we’re flooded with books. Pearre Creek Elementary is my home away from home.”

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