Patina Home & Garden to Celebrate Grand Opening of Leiper’s Fork Store

Patina Home & Garden
photo from Patina Home & Garden

Brooke and Steve Giannetti, the married duo behind the nationally recognized architectural, design, and lifestyle firm Giannetti Home, celebrate the opening of Patina Home & Garden with a special housewarming event from 2-5 p.m., Nov. 5, 2022, at 4149 Old Hillsboro Rd., Franklin, TN 37064 (Leiper’s Fork). The couple recently relocated their entire operation from Ojai, California, to Leiper’s Fork, Tenn.

Created as a community gathering place and highly curated retail experience, Patina Home & Garden is a place for the community to “gather” beautiful pieces for their home, to “gather” delicious, healthy food from the Giannettis’ farm shop, and to “gather” together to learn new skills like beekeeping, floral design, jamming, and biodynamic farming practices. The inspiration for the store is based on the same principles as the Giannettis’ design philosophy: nature, history, and community.

“At Giannetti Home, and now at Patina Home & Garden, we believe in taking small steps toward big dreams,” Steve Giannetti said. “We love helping people live beautifully through architectural and interior design, intentional living, and sustainable products, and believe this new community gathering place is a way of giving our best to our wonderful new home of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.”

The Giannettis began designing homes together more than 30 years ago. Inspired by historical architecture and the unique lives of each client, the Giannettis strive to design spaces that are not only beautiful but feel intentional and personal. This philosophy is amplified throughout Patina Home & Garden.

“Patina Home & Garden will be so much more than a store. We are designing a gathering place for guests to learn, connect and create,” Brooke said. “This is an amazing opportunity to become an integral part of Leiper’s Fork and beyond and give back to a place that really speaks to us.”

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