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This week,we have explored the City of Franklin’s Master Park Plan Draft.  First, we covered what Franklin residents want in Parks and proposed new parks. As we move through the plan, we will take a look at proposed improvements for the currents parks, with a focus on Jim Warren Park along with Harlinsdale Farm. We also will take a look at the proposed trail system within the current parks.

Jim Warren Park

The major change recommended at Jim Warren is moving the Franklin Cowboys football program to the proposed new East/Southeast Multi-Purpose Park. It is recommended that
a master plan be prepared for redevelopment of Jim Warren with these elements to be built over the planning period:

  • Removal of the existing football fields.
  • Addition of two baseball fields for 7-8 year olds.
  • Addition of a “universal” playground (accessible to all ages and abilities).
  • Addition of “miracle” baseball field (accessible to all ages and abilities).
  • Expansion of the existing skate park to add features for beginner and intermediate skaters.
  • Potential addition of a splash pad.
  • Evaluation of maintenance area needs.
  • Reconfiguration of parking and pedestrian/vehicle access as may be needed.

Harlinsdale Park

  • Prepare a business plan for Harlinsdale Park to maximize the value, use and revenue potential for the park.
  • Consideration should be given to adding equestrian warm-up arenas.
  • The park should provide multiple program experiences, including an amphitheater to maximize its use and revenue capability

Miscellaneous Improvements Recommended

  • Consider the development of other recreation amenities such as a dog park with off-leash capabilities, outdoor amphitheater, fishing areas, swimming pool, tennis courts, equestrian areas, and sports courts.
  • Determine what parks could support these amenities, and update the existing master plans for those parks.
  • Update existing amenities in parks to complement new amenities to broaden the experiences of users.
  • Develop mini-business plans for updated or new facilities.Greenway Plan for City of Franklin

Multi-use trails

City of Franklin Parks currently offers trails but more connectivity is a priority to residents. In the Master Plan Draft, they have laid out designs, proposed acquiring easements, and constructing the following multi-use trail segments (listed in order of priority for implementation) totaling a minimum of ten miles over the planning period.

  • Eastern Flank Battlefield Park to Pinkerton Park/Collins
    Farm to Carter’s Hill, 1.3 miles of multi-use trails connecting Eastern Flank Battlefield’s internal trail system to Franklin’s most heavily used trails at Pinkerton Park. This section also includes nearly a mile of trails and sidewalks providing pedestrian access between Eastern Flank Battlefield Park and Carter’s Hill Park (Franklin’s two most important Historic Parks).
  • Pinkerton Park to Bicentennial Park and the Park at Harlinsdale Farm.
  • Aspen Grove to Mack Hatcher Parkway, approximately half a mile of 12-foot wide asphalt trail, proposed to connect the existing greenway segment at Aspen Grove Park via a trail adjacent to the Legends Golf Club to existing trails at Mack Hatcher Memorial Parkway.
  • The Park at Harlinsdale Farm to Cheek Park and Judge Fulton Greer Park.
  • Bicentennial to Jim Warren Park.
  • Eastern Flank to Five Mile Creek.
  • Five Mile Creek to Robinson Lake and Ladd Park.As is consistent with the City of Franklin’s Parks and Recreation and other public facilities, the level of quality of the proposedgreenway system is envisioned to be quite high, particularly the trail along the Harpeth River. The “Riverwalk” section of the plan from Eastern Flank Battlefield connecting through Pinkerton Park to Bicentennial Park, the Park at Harlinsdale Farm, Cheek Park (Williamson County Park), Judge Fulton Greer Park (Williamson County Park) to the Williamson County Recreation Center (Williamson County Park) is envisioned as a lighted, 12-foot-wide concrete trail section with intermittent sections of boardwalk, as grade and engagement with the river requires. The quality of this segment is envisionedto be patterned after that of the Tennessee Riverpark in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    Mountain Bike trails

    • It is recommended that the City partner with local mountain bike associations to design and build trails at Liberty Park and on park land dedication property that is not suitable for other development.


    • It is recommended that the five access points identified in the City’s Canoe Access Plan be installed during the planning period.

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