Page on the Road, Battling Cascade Friday

Williamson County Football
By: Zachary Harmuth

After a quite convincing win against Fayetteville last Thursday, Page plays a conference opponent, Cascade, this Friday on the road.

 Page (3-4 overall, 0-3 in AA District 12) has an all or nothing relationship this season with its record. Outside its conference, the Patriots boast a very respectable 3-1 record, capped with the 41-6 wallop it put on Fayetteville last week.

However in its conference, it of course has yet to win this season. What is worse, even, is it has not come close in any of its three losses in its conference this year. The Patriots lost by 36 to first-ranked CPA, by 20 to now 3-4 Marshall County and by 25 to 6-2 Giles County.

Cascade (6-1 overall, 2-1 in District) has played two teams Page has also played.They are Marshall County and Giles County. Page lost to both. Like Page, Cascade lost by a lot to Giles Co (43-6). But against Marshall County Cascade won convincingly- 38-21.

To win, Page has its work cut out for them. The problem this year for the Patriots has not, by any stretch of the imagination, been its offense.

 Powered by the passing prowess of Zak Mizell, they average a respectable 27 points per game. Even in losses they have put up points. Just, the other team has been able to put up more.

Page gives up, on average, 33 points per game. That is the worst in its District.

Cascades numbers: 23 per game on offense, but only 11 allowed on defense which is just a hair more than district-best CPA gives up.

So if Page can play defense like it did last week, when it allowed only 6 points, then it might have a chance. But its offense has its work cut out for it.