Page High Student Sews Masks for Healthcare Workers

A Page High sophomore is using her time and talents to support healthcare workers from home.
Photo from WCS

A Page High sophomore is using her time and talents to support healthcare workers from home.

Faith Vogel, her mother and a group of others are sewing masks for workers on the front lines. Since beginning, Faith and her mother have created more than 100 masks.

“My mom started making masks for healthcare workers in the area because there weren’t enough for everyone,” Faith said. “I decided that I wanted to help her.”

There are two types of masks that Faith and her mother are creating: a pleated mask and a mask that contours to the wearer’s face. The masks may be used over a worker’s N95 mask or on its own for cases other than COVID-19. It’s all a team effort.

“We are a part of a local network of people who are working together,” Faith said. “Some are cutting the fabric, some are sewing and some are driving doing pickups and drop-offs.”

Faith’s work reflects one of Page High’s core values, and one that she’s learned through her the PHS band’s leadership program: community.

“Dr. Pantall encourages our students to get involved in something, to find a community within the Page family,” said PHS band director Michael Rosson. “Faith is one of the most humble, kind, loving and selfless students. She always seeks to understand others unconditionally because she knows new perspectives benefit her outlook and help her grow.”

Sewing masks can be time-consuming, which is why Faith 3D printed a special tool that would make it easier.

“The part I printed is called a bias tape maker,” said Faith. “It folds the fabric for you so you can iron and sew the ties for the masks faster. A process that would usually take a long time now takes a few minutes. The ties are important because elastic has become hard to find and wears down on the doctors’ and nurses’ ears. They have asked specifically for ties so they can wear their masks longer and get a better fit.”

Faith encourages everyone to help in any way they can, no matter how small.

“If you have any spare material or elastic and don’t have sewing skills, consider donating them to a group that is sewing, or help by picking up masks and delivering them to local hospitals,” Faith said. “Helping make masks isn’t just confined to sewing them, and no amount of help is too small.”