O’More College of Design Student Shares about Upcoming Fashion Show

O'More College of Design

O’More College of Design Fashion Show takes place on May 12 where students will be showcasing their collections. We sat down with Senior,Angela Jackson to learn more about her collection,her experience at O’More College and what’s next after graduation.

Tickets for the show may be purchased at O’More Fashion Show. General admission is $50 and VIP tickets, which include a pre-show party and reserved seating, are $125. Sponsorship packages are also available. All proceeds are directed to student scholarships.

Doors for the 2016 O’More College of Design Fashion Show will open at 6:30 PM; the show will begin at 8 PM.

Tell us how you decided to become a student at O’More College?

I decided to become a student at O’More College of Design after moving to Franklin from East Tennessee (Johnson City). I was driving around one day getting to know the downtown area and saw the beautiful historic campus. I immediately researched about O’More College. I met with Jamie Atlas the Fashion Chair after submitting my application. She suggested that I should enroll at Columbia State for one semester to better evaluate my GPA due to being out of school for so long. I completed a fulltime semester at Columbia State while working my full-time job, finishing with a 4.00 GPA. I submitted my application once again along with a 3-garment collection presentation. I met with Jamie for the second time after my application was reviewed and updated educational requirements from Columbia State had been received. My application was accepted and I was given a departmental scholarship for each semester while attending O’More. So I made a life changing decision to quit working full-time so that I could go to design school. This time it would be different. I wanted this degree more than anything!

What was the inspiration for your collection?  O'More College of Design

My inspiration for this collection was based on the saying, “The Butterfly Effect” it’s the effect of one small simple thing having an impact on someone or something else. Like for example, the idea of having the curiosity of a beautiful butterfly. It’s such a small living thing but the impact it leaves on someone is positive. It makes you smile, or even wonder how the butterfly became so beautiful. I want my collection to have a personal positive effect on someone by making him or her feel good and look their best when they wear something of mine. Having this type of effect makes others around you feel good and curious about how and what it takes to be a beautiful woman. It should be effortless for her and so noticeable to others.

Can you share a favorite memory from your studies at O’More?

I have really enjoyed all that I have studied at O’More but the Design Studio classes were the most memorable and the most challenging classes ever! From the beginning to the end of making my dreams of a beautiful garment exist, by grabbing inspiration from something, somewhere or someone, to drawing illustrations and making patterns from those illustrations to fit an actual person, to even finding the right fabrics and making the garments come to life by using the different sewing techniques I’ve learned. After all the stress that comes along with creating such beautiful garments, it’s worth the excitement to see the finished collection walk the runway.

 You had a prior career before joining O’More how has that influenced your time at O’More?

My prior career experience working in corporate and in the public sector has been a great influence while studying at O’More. I’ve learned how to work with a more diverse group of people. I have the communication skills and interactions with working with the public, coworkers and executives. I have experienced involvement in leadership and am a contributing member of a team.

Who has been your inspiration for design?

My grandmother was my first inspiration of design when she gave me a needle to thread. As I got older I loved looking at the Vogue magazines. Since then my inspiration for design is Carolina Herrera. I love her contemporary style and the way her clothes look on the runway. Her looks are so classy. She has an originality, sophistication and beauty about her clothes that is not trendy, but classic and timeless. One day I hope to meet her.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I will be interning with an extraordinary tailor and Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA) board member, Jeff Loring  who owns and operates Stitch-It & Co. in Nashville. Fine sewing and tailoring is a lost art and I want to keep it alive for others to enjoy.

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