O’More College of Design Represented at COAST Trade Show

by Jamie Atlas, O’More College of Design Fashion Chair

October is an exciting month for anyone who is passionate about fashion. It’s the first opportunity consumers have to wear the new garments they purchased for fall and winter. For designers, it’s an opportunity to attend trade shows where they can present the styles that they hope will be a hit next spring and summer.

And, as an emerging fashion market, Nashville is an exciting place to be in October.

This presents a great opportunity for fashion design and merchandising students at O’More College of Design in Franklin. The creations of 15 O’More students will be on display at an installation at the COAST show, an influential fashion industry trade show, October 5-6 at Silver Point Studios in Nashville.

The installation is a collaborative effort that features inspirational trend boards created by merchandising students, along with original fashion-inspired art from design students. Elements within the installation are consistent with four comprehensive trends released by the World Global Style Network (WGSN). These are the trends that will be prevalent in the styles that are coming for Spring and Summer 2016.

COAST Show attendees include influential buyers and representatives of major fashion retailers. The O’More students’ installation will enable them to see how the next generation of designers interprets these trends.

The spring/summer 2016 trends inspired our design students to create alternative works of art and O’More looks forward to seeing what consumers gravitate towards when apparel and accessories hit the stores.

As for the four trends, what can consumers expect to see when apparel and accessories hit the stores next spring? Here is a detailed look.

Deep Summer

Deep Summer Collage
Consumers will see a mix of vibrant teals, greens and yellows that take on oceanic forms with a modern resort feeling. Glossy synthetics and high-shine satins will be used to create opulent dresses with a 1970s inspiration. Designers will also use a variety of intricate embellishments that will include sequins reminiscent of the deep blue sea.

Soft Pop

Soft Pop Collage

A trend where pop culture uses contrasting color and texture, and pink is not considered feminine but non-gender specific. Oversized silhouettes will be prevalent. Color blocking will be found in sporty looks, and designers will use PVC, neoprene and polyurethane. Can you say 1980s?

Past Modern

Past Modern Collage
Designers will be marrying the old with the new and focusing on tinted neutrals with shades of grey, silver pink, and matte metallics. Consumers will notice a romantic edge to unconventional suiting. Sheer fabrics, hand embroidered lace, opulent cutouts, and punched leather will also be used in garments that have a vintage influence paired with contemporary simplicity.

Eco Active

Eco Active Collage

Preserving ancient cultures and the environment influence the fourth trend with the use of eco-conscious fabrics in rugged sportswear, uniform inspired garments, oversized kimono-sleeved jackets and midi sheath-dresses. Earthy tones in red orange, lava, blue and neutrals will be prevalent in linens and tweeds. Worn finishes with a controlled destruction of fabric round-out the final trend.
More information is available online at www.omorecollege.edu and www.coastshows.com.

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