O’More College Houses A Bit Of Britian


David Woodfine is the High Steward of Oxford University and has been named as O’More College artist-in-residence for the fall semester. During his time on campus, Woodfine will train students on etiquette and presentation.

“David has had a storied career full of incredible experiences. We’re honored to have his expertise on campus,” said O’More President Mark Hilliard. “We believe his background is a distinct complement to the type of hands-on learning and cultural exposure that our curriculum emphasizes.” Woodfine has served as an instructor for both the Business and Technology Education Council (B.T.E.C.) of Oxford University’s City and Guilds and the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. As the High Steward of the University, Woodfine’s served Harris Manchester College for more than 12 years as a counselor and mentor to students.

O’More publishing, in agreement with Oxford University-Harris Manchester College, has redesigned “From Kitchen to High Table” written by Woodfine. It now includes chapters on English cocktails and dining etiquette with updated illustrations, photographs and American conversations for the various recipe components. “O’More places a strong emphasis on preparing its students for life after graduation,” Woodfine said. “I hope to enhance this by helping them hone their professional decorum to make them uniquely qualified for the job market.”

If you missed the Passport to the World lecture on Sunday you can still meet Woodfine as the author and college host an afternoon tea, Tuesday, September 25th from 2-5 P.M. on the O’More campus. The event is free and open to the public.

To learn more about the college, visit www.omorecollege.edu.


Photo: Mr. Woodfine with O’More President Dr. Mark Hilliard
Photograph by  Submitted

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