O’More College of Design to Offer Dual Enrollment With Maury Co School

O’More College of Design will offer dual enrollment to students attending Mt. Pleasant High School beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. The partnership, signed last week between O’More and Maury County Public Schools, will provide Mt. Pleasant students with certification needed to prepare them for a job in the fashion industry.

“The Nashville area is receiving national attention for having the highest concentration of fashion companies outside of Los Angeles and New York City,” said Dr. David Rosen, O’More College of Design President. “To continue that momentum in Middle Tennessee, it is critical for us as educators to instill in local students the desire to pursue degrees in design. We are delighted to work with Maury County Public Schools to foster a passion for and understanding of fashion careers among their young students.”

The partnership will involve O’More faculty selecting fundamental courses in fashion design to introduce at Mt. Pleasant High School, such as introduction to fashion, design color and fundamentals, and concept development. O’More faculty will then train the instructors at Mt. Pleasant on how to teach those courses to their students. As the program progresses, O’More anticipates additional courses will be added.

Mt. Pleasant and O’More will develop criteria for selecting the students who enroll in the program. The criteria will meet the Tennessee State standards for dual enrollment.

“We have many students in the Maury County school system who are fascinated with the fashion industry and show great potential to be a part of Middle Tennessee’s booming fashion scene,” said Dr. Chris Marczak, Maury County Public Schools Superintendent. “We are grateful to O’More for giving our students the opportunity to pursue their passion and jumpstart their careers.”

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