O’More College of Design Hosts Art Throw Down

Over 100 Williamson County Fine Arts students visited the O’More College of Design campus on Friday, November 4th for an Art Throw Down.

Students from Brentwood, Centennial, Independence, Summit and Fairview high schools, Fairview and Spring Station and Sunset middle schools were among the schools that took part in the art throw down.

As students arrived at campus, they were divided into groups where they participated in different challenges. In the Fashion Department, students were asked to create two projects with paper- one an animal  hat and a purse. Along the way, they were given “twists” to their projects. At first, the students did not have scissors or tape.  As the time on the challenge progressed, students were given tape and close to the end of their project time, they were told to only focus on one project.

Three other groups took on the task of  painting where they created  a painting of an object looked like in the past, present and future; drawing of the  O’More four buildings on campus creating one piece that incorporated all of the building; and graphics which involved creating a logo with student’s initials

President of O’More College of Design, David Rosen, told us about why they chose to be a part of the day of art with students.

“We believe that part of O’More’s mission is to encourage and cultivate creativity in our community. What better way than to support the county’s schools, art teachers and students in this open exhibition of art-making prowess, where boldness, inventiveness,  and skill are put on display and celebrated?”

See our photos below from O’More College of Design Art Throw Down Day for Williamson County students.

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