O’More College of Design Announces Interim President

Shari Fox

The Board of Trustees of O’More College of Design announced that President David Rosen is departing. Shari Fox, who has served O’More College of Design for more than 20 years in multiple roles, including as Executive Vice President and Provost, has agreed to serve as Interim President. Rosen’s departure comes at the conclusion of his contract and has the full support of the board.

david rosen“The Board of Directors is very grateful to David for all that he has accomplished during his tenure at O’More and fully supports this transition,” said Ashlyn Meneguzzi, Chair of the Board of Trustees of O’More College of Design. “We are delighted that Shari has accepted the interim position with such enthusiasm. We anticipate the transition will be seamless as Shari has worked closely alongside David during his tenure, understands the College and its mission, and has the highest respect of faculty and students.”

Since 1995, Ms. Fox has served O’More in a number of roles, including as Executive Vice President, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Associate Director of Development. She has worked with nearly every O’More President and also spent considerable time with the College’s founder, Mrs. Eloise O’More, who, in her retirement, lived on campus for the first seven years of Ms. Fox’s employment.

Ms. Fox has been a consistent voice for O’More, representing the College at a number of professional conferences, including as a member of the summer research institute at the University of Oxford; Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) Professional Development Conferences; and National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention. She received the O’More College of Design Distinguished Professor Award in 2013, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Master of Art degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University.

“I am honored that the board has entrusted me with the leadership of an institution that has such a lasting impact on the world of design,” said Ms. Fox. “O’More is a very special place. I have been fortunate to work on this beautiful campus for more than 20 years and am still amazed each day by the singular combination of passion and talent in our faculty and students.”

“Mrs. O’More founded this college in hopes that it would help change the world by educating students in the best of design,” Ms. Fox continued. “There is no college like O’More, and I look forward to continuing to elevate the work of its faculty and students locally, regionally and nationally.”

Ms. Fox said she will build on the success of Dr. Rosen, who helped O’More grow in influence by spearheading innovative new programs and industry collaborations. His accomplishments include establishing a Formation Board to explore the creation of Middle Tennessee’s first undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture at O’More; piloting a new industrial and product design curriculum, which emphasizes “design-thinking”; and encouraging unique design partnerships with leaders in the industry, such as the Eastman Innovation Lab.

Ms. Fox said she will work collaboratively with faculty and staff to expand these programs and pursue others to further position O’More College of Design as a leading fashion, interior and graphic design college in the nation.

“Shari is the ideal and obvious person to lead O’More because of her long connection to the College, and deep passion for its mission,” said Ginny Caldwell, incoming board chair. “We are extremely grateful to our students, alumni, faculty and staff for their optimism and enthusiasm as she assumes the leadership of O’More.”