Odysseo Show Donates Surplus Materials to Thompson Station Non-Profit

Carissa Ramsdell, Freedom Reigns Ranch's Founder and Executive Director picking up the footing donation at Odysseo by Cavalia

Odysseo by Cavalia is a unique show featuring 65 horses and 50 artists, taking place under the White Big Top near Opryland in Nashville. The show donated some of their surplus materials that comprise the flooring of the show stage to Freedom Reigns Ranch, a local nonprofit ministry in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, offering free-of-charge mentorship through horsemanship to those who have been through emotional trauma and other life challenges.

Freedom Reigns Ranch exists to mentor participants, and equip and empower volunteers to pour into the lives of others by using horses, some of who have been rescued from abuse or neglect themselves. They see so often how participants connect to their stories, learn to build relationships and trust with their new equine friends, and often begin to heal together.

“We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Cavalia for their gift of footing to Freedom Reigns! Such an incredible gift at a perfect time” said Carissa Ramsdell, Freedom Reigns Ranch’s Founder and Executive Director.

“It is better than anything we could have considered in our budget. It will allow our horses to have the best footing as they engage in the important session work they do week over week. We know it’s no small thing to make the decision to donate when something could have turned extra profit and are so thankful they chose to gift this to the Ranch” she added.

Odysseo continues through Oct 8 with matinee and evening performances. Just before the show began, the 65 horses, who are the stars of the show, spent time in Franklin vacationing, read more here.  And take a look at what you can expect from the show here.

For more information on Freedom Reigns Ranch, visit www.freedomreignsranch.com
For more information on Odysseo by Cavalia in Nashville, visit www.cavalia.com/Nashville