October Food Battle—Best Wings in Williamson County

For our October Food Battle, we’re asking you who you think makes the Best Wings in Williamson County. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, e-mail us at info@williamsonsource.com.

Voting ends 5pm Oct 28th.

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  1. Yeah man Gary’s place has some awesome wings I really like southern honey barbecue yum yum to the tum tum

  2. Gary’s Place in Spring Hill has they best wings period! I get the cajun mixed with the teriyaki! Perfect! I have had friends from all over the country come visit me and when they do, I take them to Gary’s Place for wings. Every time they come back to Nashville, Gary’s Place is on their list of places to visit to get the wings while they are in town!

  3. Love the wings at the Draft Room(Kings) their new flavors are great my favorites are the parm garlic wings and the ginger wings.

  4. Garys Place hands down! Not only are they already reasonably priced with a variety of excellent flavors but where else in williamson county on Wednesday night can you get 50 wings (dine in) for less than 20 bucks? I love all the flavors so we split 50 wings, three different flavors, between 4 people at 5 bucks a piece. Cant beat that, plus the best people in the county work there and hang out there!

  5. Hey guys, Gary’s Place is a local small business in Spring Hill. It is NOT corporate and all the food is handmade fresh!. Wings are AMAZING with 15 different made in-house sauces. If you haven’t been , you need to go!

  6. Far and away, Gary’s has the best wings around. Great prices and the coolest employees and clientele. Don’t judge until yyou’e tried Gary’s Place!!

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